me with you, you with your animal…

In a phone interview, we discuss your animal's problem, and schedule a session. During our phone chat, I will ask you to get permission from your animal for me to do the session. Don’t panic. This can really be fun, and, if necessary, I’ll help. Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

"I was reading in bed but when I started to think about how I could get permission from Lacey (the dog) for a session, she leapt out of her bed way on the other side of the room, jumped into my bed and licked my face."
(Ben from CO)

Muscle checking, acting as proxy, and distance healing…

In Joy Adamson’s drawing, the swirling line from Netta’s head to Pippa, the cheetah, and the Wire- tailed swallows denotes what Joy called Netta’s sixth sense, or ESP, with animals.

With permission to access my clients’ frequency databases, throughout the session I act as the proxy, or surrogate, for my clients by muscle checking myself. Developed in 1964 by a chiropractor named George Goodheart and originally called Applied Kinesiology, muscle checking guarantees that the client, and not the practitioner, guides an Animal Repatterning session. Where you are, where your animal is, or where I am doesn’t matter. Getting permission from my clients and using the muscle checking tool allows me to do what is called “distance healing.”

Communicating the session’s notes…

When the session is complete, I phone you to read my notes (I can also e-mail them). I also let you know if you and/or your animal need to do a positive action to reinforce and integrate the new pattern created by the session. 

Talking turkey…

A session usually lasts between 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
The cost is $70.00 per session; 3 sessions for $180.00.
Gift certificates are available. Click here to pay by credit card for a session.

Call Netta at 928-204-2570, or e-mail your phone number to me at, and I’ll phone you back.

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