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Q: What if there are questions about the results of a session?
A: Sometimes positive results are immediate, but the work is very subtle. At other times the session needs to be integrated, and I explain this to my clients’ people. It is not uncommon for me to get a phone call weeks, sometimes months after I’ve done a session, and hear the caller say, “Do you remember that Animal Repatterning session you did for my Shih-tzu….?”

Q: What about the self-healing modalities that are an important part of every session?
A: In a proxy session, I do them on myself although animals do love things like Jin Shin points, acupressure, cranial holds, massage, tuning forks, etc.

Q: What about positive actions for animals?
A: I muscle check to see who does what, when, where and how. Sometimes, I have to do the positive action. Or it might be something the animal’s person and the animal have to do together. If I muscle check “reading,” for example, then I muscle check to see if the animal’s person needs to read something to his/her pet. People really enjoy positive actions. They like being a part of their pet’s well-being, so I don’t hesitate to get them involved no matter how “off-the-wall” a positive action might seem.

Q: Do animals have the same Chakras and Meridians as we do?
A: They’re amazingly the same. Chakra and Meridian charts for animals are readily available, and I use them all the time.


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