FAQs about Animal Repatterning

Q: How do I do a session for an animal?
A: Exactly as I would do a Resonance Repatterning™ session for a person. I always get my animal-client’s permission. Then, in the case of an "in-person" session, if my client suddenly disappears, I can finish what I’ve started by acting as proxy for my client.

Q: What happens if muscle checking leads you to an Abundance Repatterning for a hamster?
A: I don’t panic, and I muscle check, muscle check, muscle check. I might just need one simple element from that Abundance Repatterning.

Q: How do I get permission from my animal clients to do sessions for them?
A: Occasionally, a person will put me on the phone with his/her animal, and I do the asking.  But, regardless who does, I’m always amazed at the responses. People are very tuned in to their pets. They can tell immediately whether their pets are saying yea or nay.

Q: What if you can only get permission from the animal’s person, not the animal?
A: I find out how that person feels and, if he/she agrees, I go with it, maybe by proxying the person into the animal’s session. As a general rule, much better results are to be had from Animal Repatterning sessions when permission comes directly from the animals.

Q: Is it best to do a session by proxy or in person?
A: Working by proxy is my personal choice. Without the distraction of a squirmy animal, I can zero in on who the animal really is and on what’s really going on with that animal.

Q: How do you explain a proxy session to an animal’s person?
A: This can be tricky, especially if the person is not familiar with the Resonance Repatterning™ system or with distance healing. It’s important to be a good listener. I  pay close attention to what my client’s person is saying about his/her pet, I take notes and I avoid a lot of technical-speak. I build trust by showing empathy and by being sincerely concerned about my potential client’s welfare. In most instances, the results of my sessions speak for themselves; they dispel people’s doubts.

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